Opinion: Fare Hike is the Wrong Approach to MTA’s Financial Woes

“If New York’s city and state leaders truly prioritize a society where social equity as well as environmental sustainability are fundamental values, discussion of subway and bus fare increases would not be on the table. And if the overarching goal is to bring riders back to the nation’s greatest public transit system, why disincentivize them with higher fares?” Adi Talwar The 7 train approaching Junction Boulevard Station in Jackson Heights, Queens. CityViews are readers’ opinions, not those of City Limits. Add your voice today! Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) officials recently  said  they may need to raise subway and bus fares by 5.5 percent in 2023 to shore up the operating budget, which has been drained by a pandemic-induced drop in daily ridership . Fares could go as high as $3 by 2025. Before the pandemic, subway and bus fares accounted for 42 percent of MTA revenue. Now, fares make up just  23 % of the operating budget.  The loss in farebox revenue has helped lead

State Bill Would Aid City’s Move Toward More Climate-Friendly Food Sources

New York City’s efforts to green its food system have been limited by a conflicting state law that says food must be procured by government entities based on cost alone. A bill being re-introduced in the upcoming legislative session in Albany would amend the existing law and allow every municipality in the state to opt into values-based procurement, factoring in other qualifications like nutrition and environmental sustainability when choosing food vendors. Adi Talwar Home delivery and grab-and-go meals being served and packed at Encore Community Services’ Senior Center. On a sunny day in February, Mayor Eric Adams stood at a podium outside Mercy Center, a community center and emergency food pantry in The Bronx, and signed Executive Order 8. That signature, which committed New York City to the Good Food Purchasing Program, was just one step in a years-long attempt to transform the city’s food system. The Good Food Purchasing Program (which is just called Good Food Purchasing,

Opinion: More Housing is the Progressive Choice

“More housing at any income level lowers nearby rents. We progressives should therefore be fighting for new housing with every bone in our bodies.” Adi Talwar Homes in Queens. CityViews are readers’ opinions, not those of City Limits. Add your voice today! With housing serving as the bedrock of many New York City policy discussions over the last few months, it has become increasingly clear that many fundamentally misunderstand the way that housing markets operate—and, therefore, many self-styled progressives unknowingly make political decisions counter to their stated values. It is time for that to change. A review of the most contentious land use processes in the last few years—including SoHo/NoHo, Innovation Queens , One45 in Harlem, 9th Street in Gowanus, and the Bruckner rezoning in the Bronx—reveals that opponents repeatedly cite the same concerns: new housing will increase local rents and, therefore, displace existing residents in a community. To fight for vulnerable

Art at the Limits: A Conversation on Place & Cultural Identity

Rodney Leon, Madeline Weisburg and Marjorie Martay. On May 18, 2022, City Limits hosted an intimate conversation about art and the power of place, featuring architect Rodney Leon and New Museum Curatorial Assistant Madeline Weisburg, moderated by City Limits Executive Director Marjorie Martay. About Rodney Leon, architect, founder & principal of Rodney Leon Design: Leon’s architectural career is centered on modern “culturally contextual” design, master planning and mixed-use housing developments for faith-based and international development organizations. He is the designer of the African Burial Ground Memorial in New York City and the Arc of the Return, a permanent memorial to enslaved victims and the Transatlantic Slave Trade at the United Nations. Leon also designed the Cultural Museum of African Art in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, which will open this year. About Madeline Weisburg, curatorial assistant for The New Museum, New York: Weisburg is curatorial assistant for t

PODCAST: ¿Qué arrojó la investigación sobre abusos médicos contra mujeres detenidas en centro de ICE?

 Aunque el centro de detención del condado de Irwin albergó solo al 4 por ciento de todas las mujeres bajo custodia de ICE entre 2017 y 2020, el Dr. Mahendra Amin, ginecólogo de este Centro de Detención, realizó más del 80 por ciento de cuatro procedimientos ginecológicos específicos (como laparoscopias, inyecciones de Depo-Provera, exámenes pélvicos y legrados) en detenidas durante ese tiempo. ICE En septiembre de 2020, la enfermera Dawn Wooten denunció que un ginecólogo en el Centro de Detención del condado de Irwin (CIDC por sus siglas en inglés) en Ocilla, Georgia, estaba realizando procedimientos médicos innecesarios, incluyendo histerectomías (la extirpación quirúrgica del útero) a mujeres detenidas por el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE por sus siglas en inglés). Un mes después, 19 mujeres alegaron que el Doctor Mahendra Amin, ginecólogo del Centro de Detención de CIDC, les practicó y presionó para que se sometieran a intervenciones quirúrgicas exce

NYCHA Tenant Committee Poised to Play Key Role in Comptroller’s Public Housing Audit

A newly formed committee of NYCHA residents is advising Comptroller Brad Lander as he prepares to audit the public housing authority, with the task force first targeting the most common complaints made by peers. Sanitation and repair orders being closed without repairs topped the list. Adi Talwar NYCHA’s Wickoff Gardens. A newly formed committee of NYCHA residents is advising Comptroller Brad Lander as he prepares to audit the public housing authority, with the task force first targeting the most common complaints made by peers. The 21-member committee met for the first time Dec. 6 to review the results of a recent survey of 795 tenants from 132 developments that Lander said will inform the direction of his investigations. Respondents were asked to name the biggest challenges they experience at their campuses, with sanitation ranked the top or second biggest concern among 65 percent of participants. Safety and “repair tickets being closed before repairs” were the next most common

President Putin Offers Gas Supply To Europe Amidst Failed Relationship

Russia is ready to deliver additional volumes of natural gas to the European Union in the autumn-winter period, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday. One of the two branches of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has survived the recent leak incident and Russia is willing to send gas through it to Europe, Putin said at the plenary session of the “Russian Energy Week” international forum in Moscow. “Its capacity is 27.5 billion cubic meters per year, which is about 8 percent of all gas imports of Europe. Russia is ready to start such deliveries. The ball is on the side of the European Union,” he said. Russia could also transfer the lost volumes through the Nord Stream pipelines to the Black Sea region and create key supply routes to Europe via Türkiye, “if, of course, our partners are interested in this,” he added. At the forum, Putin expressed concerns about unstable energy prices and an imbalance in supply and demand, and he criticized certain countries “who are guided solely by their o