Absolute Majority Of Countries Condemned Russia Referendum At United Nation

A strong majority of countries have condemned Russia’s annexation of some Ukrainian territory through a referendum held in the region after a strong objection from the US and her Western allies.

143 countries voted in support of condemning the referendum, 32 countries abstained from the voting process, and 5 voted against the topic of the day.

The result of the vote has shown popular support in condemning Russia at the UN General Assembly which serves as the final decision of the Organization after a failed attempt in the UN Security Council where Russia vetoed the resolution of the body through its excessive power.

The vote record an unprecedented spike in support of Ukraine, as the number rose drastically to the previous resolution held on the Russia-Ukraine Crisis.

Despite much lobbying from the US, European Union, and allies in having support from China and India who have been Russia’s biggest allies since the latter invasion of Ukraine met with a dead end as both abstained from condemning Russia for its attack.

Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea, and Nicaragua are the only five countries that voted against the resolution at the UN.

Despite many hard attempts, the West was able to secure popular support in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe in fighting against Russia’s “sham referendum”, but still yet were unable to break the yoke of abstaining votes from some countries.

The popular support gathered by the Western allies is a show of justification for their effort in lobbying support in favor of them, after much propaganda which they turned every UN meeting as an avenue for condemning Russia.

Before the voting, the US ambassador to the UN delivered a heavy speech saying failure to condemn Russia’s action in Ukraine today might change tomorrow, and what would another country be hoping for from the chamber should they be a victim of an attack from a superior power shortly.

The Western countries through their speech before the voters were able to change the decision of some countries who have always been abstaining to come in their support.

Despite the huge amount of votes gathered against Russia, a Moscow representative at the UN condemned the voting process saying its Western hypocrisy, and defended Russia’s annexation in some parts of Ukraine.


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